King City coach defends Haka

 King City coach Mac Villanueva made it clear he had no issue with Seaside doing the Haka dance prior to the national anthem last week.
 "I had no idea that this was even an issue,'' Villaneuva said. "My staff and I saw absolutely nothing wrong with this, as we know Seaside's proud and long history of doing the Haka.''
 Villaneuva defended Seaside coach Al Avila, acknowledging there was no announcement of the national anthem prior to last Friday's kickoff.
 Seaside was midway through its Haka -- a dance done in front of their crowd along their bench before each game -- when the anthem began.
 "I thought their coaches did a good job of notifying their players,'' Villanueva said. "Seaside stopped their chant and remained in formation. When the anthem ended, they continued with the Haka. I don't know why we even have to talk about this.''

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Guadalupe Avila said...

Thank you coach for acknowloging what really happen and Seaside meant no disrespect to the national anthem it was just all a miscommunication that some one turned around blew it out of proportion with out knowing the facts.

Lupe Avila