MBL Masters track meet

 I've never been a fan of this meet.
 I just don't see the purpose of two divisions from one league getting together again on the same track seven days later to decide who goes to the Central Coast Section trials.
 Both the Gabilan and Pacific Division's ran their championship meets simultaneously at Gilroy High. So there was no advantage. Just different races.
 Now I get for the teams chasing a league title, that sacrifices were made for the betterment of the team. But the likelihood is all those individuals still qualified in their specialties.
 Listen, if you want to make this meet more meaningful, add the Santa Cruz Coast Athletic League and Mission Trail Athletic League into the mix.
 Call it a Southern Section Masters Meet. Add their qualifiers. Provide some competition that makes it a little more intriguing.
 Or just dump the meet and send your qualifiers from your respective divisions to the CCS trials like the MTAL and SCCAL does.
 What I wouldn't mind seeing is what swimming does and that's giving athletes that earn a qualifying  mark in their league finals, advancement to the section trials.
 Of course, this debate could be meaningless in two years when the MTAL merges with the MBL and the league becomes the largest in the section with 30 schools.

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