Soledad football

 It was a one time gimmick. One that likely won't fool another team now that it's on film.
 Yet, the timing in throwing in a little trickery into its offense -- with the game on the line and under two minutes left -- will be one to cherish.
 Head coach Frankie Berlanga had never used the play before. In fact, his squad had practiced it just a handful of times.
 With its defense having created a short field with a turnover late in the game, the timing was right  for Soledad to pull out its bag of tricks.
 While tight end Carlos Rios lined up as a tackle, he was still an eligible receiver because he wasn't on the line of scrimmage.
 Rios took off down field with not a sole following him. The hardest thing he had to do was catch a pass from Andy Hernandez with no one within 25 yards of him.
 A tie game became a 21-14 decision over King City. I doubt anyone - including Soledad - envisioned this scenario.

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