Palma football

 If you're going to take a shot at Palma on the field, you better catch the perennial powers early in the season.
 Because, as we have seen over the last 30 plus seasons, the Chieftains are a juggernaut once they get into league play.
 The reigning four-time Gabilan Division champions are starting to hit their stride for what they hope will be an extended postseason run.
 The Chieftains are 18-1 since the Gabilan Division was formed, with that one loss coming from San Benito.
 In each of the last three weeks, Palma has produced more points, erupting for a season high 41 in its win over Alvarez -- which included a run of 27 unanswered points.
 Opponents know who is going to touch the ball for Palma. Yet, Emilio Martinez keeps chalking up 100 plus yard rushing games -- seven straight if you're counting last season.
 Martinez, the school's all time leading rusher, is going to get a lot of yards when his offensive line is pushing teams five yards down field before getting a hand on him.
 But it's his yards after that initial attempt to tackle him that gets your attention. Explosive through the hole, Martinez turns the game into a track meet in the open field.
 Meanwhile a defense, that was torched for 52 points in a season opening loss to Sutter, has allowed just 53 in its last four games.

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