Santa Catalina water polo

The desire to take that next, float above barriers in their path. It used to come in the off-season for a program once littered with players, whose focus was water polo.

While Santa Catalina isn’t disguising themselves as water polo players, it’s a cast that is learning their roles and developing chemistry on the job, ignoring the expected growing pains.

"It’s turned into a seasonal sport here,’’ Santa Catalina coach Jim Morton said. "But if you can swim, you can play defense. And if you can play defense, well....’’

Well, Morton believes you can be competitive.

The Cougars are undefeated in the Pacific Division after Tuesday’s 14-4 decision over Monterey, remaining locked in a tie for first with Salinas.
"Last year I felt like we were trying to just stay above the water,’’ said Ivy Armijo, one of two seniors that have been a part of the program for four years. "This year we’re running our attack much more fluidly in the water.’’

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