Football Tour XVI Stevenson

 Nearly two weeks of practice have gone by and coach Bruce Dini is still waiting for the rest of his squad to arrive.
 School doesn't start at Stevenson until Friday. Meaning not all border students are on campus -- in Dini's case, as many as 15 more players.
 Dini understands that students don't come to Stevenson to play football. That doesn't mean it's not in their blood.
 Last fall Stevenson was two plays away from potentially being 8-1 instead of 6-3. It held Carmel to seven points in the first half.
 Stevenson got the attention of its peers. Now can it recreate its past and chase a playoff spot for the first time in 13 years?
 Depth wise the Pirates are not deep. So what's new? When you only have 22 players, you don't have to worry about creating playing time.
 Time is on the Pirates side. Dini cut their schedule to nine games. They will not open until Sept. 21. League is still an uphill battle.
 While the heartbreaking losses from last fall still have Dini questioning his decisions, it also changed the direction of the program from hope to belief.
Watch an interview with coach Bruce Dini.

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