Steve Clayton

I don't have the words today to express my sadness for the sudden passing of Palma athletic director Steve Clayton.
 I'm in shock.
 He wasn't just an athletic director to me, but a friend.
 You can never prepare for something like this.
 Life is precise. And it's brief.
 We tend to forget that a lot. Instead, we worry more about wins and losses in sports.
 Sports is just a game that creates memories.
 Clayton created a lot of memories for kids with his kindness. He truly cared about kids, devoting a large portion of his life to molding them into young adults.
 It's a big loss to the Palma family. He was the rock in that athletic department.
 But he also has a wife and beautiful little boy, that's the same age as my son. That's where this hits home.
  This is a man that touched a lot of people. Please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers.

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NorCalSportsFan said...

I went to Palma with Steve (he's a few years older) and his brother (who was in my class). I was shocked to here about his passing. The Clayton family also lost his father a week or two earlier. Steve was the defininition of what is best about Palma- as a teen just a great person and and later as truly dedicated to serving those kids. He will be greatly missed by all that have known him. My thoughts and prayers to the entire Clayton family.