Gabilan Division boys hoops all-league

Most Valuable Players: Noah Allen, Palma; Jacob Tonascia, San Benito.
First team
 Noah Allen, Palma
 Jacob Tonascia, San Benito
 Hyram Miskin, San Benito
 Joseph Jakubowsky, Seaside
 Kyle Hieb, Seaside
 Ronnie Turner, Seaside
 Joseph Delk, Salinas
 Wyatt Rocheleau, Christopher
 Chris Russo, Monterey
 Mitch Wood, Alvarez
 Coach of the Year: Dave Kaplansky, San Benito
 Sophomore of the Year: Jack Burlison, Palma
 Freshman of the Year: Carter Aldrete, Monterey
Second team
 Michael Breen, San Benito
 Robert Henderson, San Benito
 Jacob Taylor, Palma
 Jack Burlison, Palma
 Michael Turner, Seaside
 Zach Teeter, Salinas
 Carter Aldrete, Monterey
 Kyle Neeley, Monterey
 Shane Sutter, Christopher
  Andrew Foster, Christopher
All Defensive team
 Joseph Jakubowsky, Seaside
 Jack Burlison, Palma
 Andrew Foster, Christopher
 Brian Becerra, San Benito
 Kyle Neeley, Monterey


Unknown said...

Noah Allen plays in 5 league games and still wins co MVP that cant be right lol What do you think JD is he your player of the year? We all know he is hands down the best player in the county but he barely played this year. When he did play he dominated but there were some players that played the whole year who had great seasons. IDk I am a palma supporter but this just doesnt seem fair. I would have thought they would give the individual honor to a kid that actually played well and not to someone we know would have dominated if he got to play.

Unknown said...
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Janine Bouyea said...

How is it that one of the best defensive players in the County, Jonquis Bouyea did not make this list? He has some of the quickest hands defensively, a great number of steals compared to others and has held many of the players listed to lower then their average number of points when they played Seaside this year.