Darren Jackson invited to DeGeneres Show

North Salinas girls basketball coach Darren Jackson received an invitation to appear on the Ellen DeGeneres Show for his efforts in establishing a toy drive last December during the Viking Classic.
 As excited as the Vikings long-time coach was, Jackson turned the invitation to appear on national TV down.
 "We have a game the night of the shooting,'' Jackson said.
Not just any game, but a rematch on  Jan. 25 at Seaside -- the team that ended the Vikings league winning streak earlier this year.
 "I can't miss that,'' Jackson said. "I couldn't do that to my girls. The recognition is great. But there were a lot of people involved in that toy drive.''
 Jackson organized a toy drive in which all eight schools that took part in the tournament brought at least 10 toys for homeless children. More than 100 toys were brought.

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