SCCAL debate

It would be foolish for the Santa Cruz Coast Athletic League to reform in 2018 for football without Aptos.
A five team league would mean no automatic playoff spot.
 I think we can eliminate that thought.
While no one will admit it, the SCCAL disbanded for football last December because of Aptos and its dominance.
A decision has to be forthcoming this month if all the teams from the old SCCAL want to bring back their league or remain where they are.
 Five teams went to the Mission Trail Athletic League while Aptos moved to the Gabilan Division in a one year deal.
 But there has been discussion about some of the teams going north next fall to the Santa Clara Valley Athletic League for football.
One concern is the MTAL's merger with the Monterey Bay League next year. That would mean four divisions in football, likely an 'A', two 'B's' and a 'C' division.
 Nothing wrong with that if it's done correctly.
The way the two divisions are divided for the MTAL right now is pretty even. You can clearly make some adjustments next fall with the Pacific Division and MTAL's upper division.

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