Spring dilemma

 It has become a spring sport coaches nightmare.
 Kids are set free for spring break, some districts for two weeks, disrupting the rhythm of the spring season for coaches that are in the heart of their season.
 Time off during the spring is nothing knew. At one time, it was called Easter Break.
 Coaches made adjustments around the break, often taking part in tournaments or invitationals during the time off to keep athletes sharp.
 The bigger problem today is school districts are having their spring breaks at different times of the year. Schools in Monterey County had five different spring break periods.
 Leagues are either attempting to play through the breaks or choosing a week that clearly can not suit each school's spring break to halt league play for week.
 Case in point is Monterey, whose spring break was two weeks ago. Yet, the Gabilan Division is off from April 13-25 for baseball.
 Most teams are taking part in baseball tournaments. But now head coach Michael Groves is asking the school to let his kids out early three times during that week to play in the tournament.
 Most effected by the time off is often the individual sports. For some reason, some parents believe spring break means a family vacation. Did we forget commitment first?
 You know this wouldn't happen in the fall for football.
 Yet, the season continues for sports like track and field, swimming, tennis, golf, volleyball, softball, baseball and lacrosse.
 Losing an athlete or two can be crippling to some programs. Missing a week of training in track or swimming can derail a athletes progress.
 So, why can't all districts get on the same page and have spring break at the same time. Simply put, have it during Easter Break. Don't make coaching harder than it already is.

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