Salinas Mountain Bike team

Placing seven riders on the podium, the Salinas Mountain Bike racing team won its third Northern California League South Conference event of the season at East Garrison.
Rylan Loader placed second overall for the Cowboys in the varsity boys race with teammate Noah Lindenthal taking fourth.
Salinas had three racers in the top five in the sophomore boys race with Gabriel Gonzales finishing second. Mason Toby was a bike length behind in third while Casey Hansen took fourth.
Top five finishes went to Trenton Guthrie (fourth) in the junior varsity race, Brad Campbell (second) and Tyler Duffus (third) in the freshmen race.
In the girls division, Alison O’Dell took fourth, just in front of teammate Miranda Urquides. Sabelli Saldana was fourth in her division while Sarah Flynn was fourth.

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