Football rankings

1. San Benito: Counting the days until the 8-0 Balers face Palma.
2. Palma: Only Gabilan Division loss in five years has come from San Benito.
3. Carmel: Chasing its third undefeated regular season in eight years.
4. Salinas: Has scored just 14 points in its last two games.
5. Seaside: While it hasn't come easy, the bottom line is Seaside is 7-1.
6. Monte Vista: Has given up more points in two losses than in four wins.
7. Soledad: Saw its eight game MTAL winning streak snapped last week.
8. North Salinas: Late game dramatics kept the Vikings playoff hopes alive.
9. Pacific Grove: Has scored 40 or more points in all four wins this year.
10. Gilroy: Might be the most improved team in the Pacific Division.
 On the bubble:  Alvarez, Stevenson, King City, Christopher.

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Carmelkyd said...

So how do these rankings compare to the calpreps computer ranking model? A model that gives heavy weight to strength of schedule...and not much weight to a game's final score. There are a little over 1,000 teams in California playing 11 man football. So each 100 teams represents a 10% decile. In other words if your team's state ranking is 88 you are in the top 10% of teams in the state. 122 and your team is in the top 20%.

Here are calpreps current rankings with the team's ranking among state teams in ( ).

1. Palma (106)
2. Hollister (113)
3. Carmel (286)
4. Salinas (319)
5. MVC (320)
6. Seaside (522)
7. North Salinas (555)
8. Alvarez (565)
9. RLS (622)
10. Soledad (649)

And on the bubble: Gilroy (675), King City (686), Christopher (706) and PG (722)