Alvarez football

 Five game losing streaks often signal the end of any playoff hopes, unless the losses are to 'A' caliber teams that are a combined 34-8. And you're in the Gabilan Division, where the points pile up.
 Alvarez won its first game since Sept. 2 with a 28 point first half in beating Christopher.
 Five teams came out of the Gabilan Division last year to make the playoffs. Alvarez sits in a tie for that fifth spot with North Salinas with two games left.
 The two teams will meet in the season finale.
 The Eagles are in a transitional phase this fall under first year coach Brad Mendes, who overhauled the offense with linebacker turned quarterback Matt Martinez.
 There have been growing pains in Alvarez's path. Yet, no one jumped out of the nest.
 How big was last Friday's win?
 Well the Eagles are playing for more than pride now. There's a potential postseason spot at stake.

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