King City football

 Perhaps King City should have gotten on a bus and left the city limits for a few minutes for that road feel, prior to running through the tunnel and out to its home field.
 Because choosing to wear the road whites at home Friday instead of the blue jerseys did not change the outcome in suffering their fifth straight home loss.
 Hey, it was worth a try, particularly since the Mustangs had won four consecutive road games with the white jerseys.
 Yet, if you look at the big picture, the five straight losses dating back to last season have come from three league champions and two teams that are 3-0 this year.
 King City will look at film and realize that a blown coverage on a punt return and a tipped pass for an interception late in the game changed the complexion of its battle with Seaside.
 What coaches will like is the effort of the defense, which has yet to allow a point in the first quarter this year, and just got better with Devante Anderson cleared to play.
 Still, the only way that 10-year playoff drought is going to end is if King City cleans up the mental mistakes that seem to come at critical times.

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