Candlestick Park memories

Having attended 121 49ers games at The Stick, I've got a few memories stored in the bank to share over the 17 week regular season as the days of Candlestick Park are coming to a close.

 The 49ers were on their way to a 31-7 win over the New York Giants on Monday Night Football on Nov. 30, 1998 when the mood on the sidelines and in the stands became somber.
 With 7:25 left in the game, All-Pro defensive tackle Bryant Young had picked up another tackle when all of a sudden you could here him scream from the sidelines.
 Players from both teams began motioning to the 49ers sidelines. Some had to look in another direction. The centerpiece to the 49ers defense had suffered a broken right leg.
 Steve Young later added 'The person is bigger than the game'.
 Then 49ers owner Eddie DeBartolo went to the hospital with Bryant Young, who was lost for the season.

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