Candlestick Park memory

 Having attended 121 49ers games at The Stick, I've got a few memories stored in the bank to share over the next 17 weeks as the days of Candlestick Park are coming to a close.
 I can still here the chants of Joe, Joe, Joe as in Joe Montana, who entered the game in the second half of the 1992 season finale against the Lions on a soggy Monday Night.
 The 49ers had already clinched home field advantage for the playoffs. Rain had come down most of the first half. Yet, the crowd remained for one reason.
 The faithful wanted to see Montana one last time in a 49ers uniform perform his magic on the field. A shoulder injury had kept him off the field for nearly two years, threatening his career.
 But when Montana returned, so did the magic as he was 15-of-21 for 123 yards, hitting Brent Jones and Amp Lee on touchdown passes.
 It was vintage Joe.
 Unfortunately it was for the last time as he did not appear in the 49ers two playoff games. Montana  never got a chance to reclaim his job from Steve Young.

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