Football Tour XII Alisal


Most first year coaches don't step into a program coming off its best season in school history.
No doubt, the bar was set as high as it could go for Trojans coach Cory Costanza.
But the changes don't stop there as the reward for an eight win season was a move into the MBL's Gabilan Division for Alisal.
Implementing a new offense on a blacktop wasn't how Costanza envisioned his summer.
Yet, there were no other options as the school put in a new synthetic field and had all of its grass  fields re-sodded over the summer.
 What Costanza learned is that no one complains.
 Whether Alisal belongs in the Gabilan Division or not with just a handful of returning starters, Costanza and the Trojans are going forward.
 Practices are spirited and intense, fueled by the speculation that it can not compete in the upper division of the MBL.
 Jezz, didn't people say that during the Trojans run in the old TCAL?
 One of the more explosive backs in the county dresses in green as Ricky Muniz has his eyes set on a 1,000 yard season.
 Alisal's new look offense looked crisp in practice. Costanza kept a lot of what was run on defense intact because it works.
 When you have 30 players that believe, anything is possible.
Watch an interview with coach Cory Costanza.

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