Football Tour XI Salinas


It's not just the 98 players that gets your attention when watching Salinas go through practice. The physical size of this team is impressive.
 The Cowboys are big up front, which is critical when you've got two potential 1,000 yard running backs in Jordan Torres and Elijah Kirkland.
 Salinas also understands that if it wants to take that next step in the postseason, it has to do a better job in throwing the football.
 Introduced to the offense this fall will be the "pistol," which puts the quarterback in a version of the shotgun, giving him a better view of the defense.
 Head coach Steve Goodbody has preached for seven years that the goal is to be practicing on Thanksgiving. Salinas has achieved that in each of the past five years, reaching the CCS Division I semifinals.
 The next step is practicing in December. While most programs would take five straight semifinal appearances, the next hurdle has been a thorn in Salinas' side.
 Salinas produced 50 or more points five times last year. Improvement on defense is critical. That starts with Justin Pleasont, a 270 pound beast. Torres and Kirkland solidify the secondary
 Goodbody feels this team is a little more unselfish. Torres said the chemistry is already clicking. This could be a special year at "The Pit."
Watch an interview with coach Steve Goodbody.

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