Brittany File

Not since the days of Monica Abbott have we seen a run like the one pitcher Brittany File is putting  together for Carmel in the circle.
 In her last five starts, the senior right-hander has three no hitters -- one perfect game -- and two one hitters, compiling 54 strikeouts in 28 innings.
 Now we are not comparing File to Abbott, a North Salinas icon, who has an Olympic silver medal and numerous NCAA pitching records.
 Two of these no hitters were five inning affairs. And all three no-hitters came against teams with losing records.
 Still, it's a phenomenal achievement. Plus these performances are coming on the heels of perhaps File's worst outing ever, when she was roughed up by Santa Catalina.
 Five of File's 11 wins this year have been no-hitters. In two of her losses, she's recorded 15 or more strikeouts.


Anonymous said...

That is a pretty extreme comparison. While she is a good pitcher, statistics and the amount of no-hitters and strikeouts she gets does not make her better than other pitchers out there who may not be racking up the same numbers as her. Just because she often puts up large strike out numbers does not mean she is better than the rest, and this can clearly be seen through the fact that losses are still occuring in games that matter most, as well as in games where she racks up large amounts of strikeouts yet still the other team gets hits and in the end wins. Its not all about the pitcher.

Truth said...

To compare any high school pitcher to Monica Abbott is extreme, considering she's one of the top 3 pitchers in the World. However, the rest of this comment is unfair to Brittany. I've had the honor to watch Brittany pitch for many years and she has consistently given any team she has played for a chance to win the game. Not only has she struck out many great hitters, she walks a very low amount of hitters for a power pitcher. Catalina is an unbelievably talented team and did rough her up in their last meeting, but Brittany has consistently done well against them in the past, including shutting them out in her freshman year. It's not all about the pitcher? Of course not, the defense and hitting needs to contribute as well and Coach Mike and the rest of the staff is doing an excellent job of developing the young talent here in Carmel. If anybody in this area deserves to be compared to Monica Abbott, it's definitely Brittany, who is clearly the best pitcher in the county.